I was at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area near Lititz PA on March 1st to witness the migration of Snow Geese that had been occurring for several days now. That day 40,000 Snow Geese came through. I set my tripod up by this field where a huge flock of geese was resting, and started shooting. (See my notes about the sequence below.) Attached to this section are Selected Images from Middle Creek.

Notes about the sequence of images.

With my Nikon D7100 I can hold the shutter-release button down and it takes a burst of 6 images at 6 frames per second. By the second image I had seen action in the right corner of the flock so I held the shutter-release button down. The second to eighth image were all shot within a second. Within a second they were off the ground!

The last three were taken as fast as I could press the shutter-release button. After that I lifted the tripod to follow the flock. Were I not so excited I would have realized I should have kept the tripod where it was to finish the disappearance of this very large flock of snow geese!

I purposely chose a slow shutter speed to allow for motion.


P.S. I don’t consider these photos to be the quality I expect of images I intend to sell. These are here simply for you to enjoy and marvel at a wonder of nature.

Attached to this section are Selected Images from Middle Creek.

In case you want to learn more about this spectacle of nature, here is the link to the website that reports on the migration.

As in most states there is a budget crisis in Pennsylvania that could force the Pennsylvania Game Commission to end support of the site, ending protection of the geese who stopover at this 6250 acre preserve on their migration northwards. That would be tragic.