ARCHITECTURE – Exteriors & Interiors

I love old buildings with timeless or evocative architecture. Sometimes it’s about architectural details.

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Rampart Dubrovnik
April, 2011

Fortress and Wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Note AR5

Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge
February, 2015

Washington stayed here compliments of Mr. Pott. Had a nice view of Valley Creek emptying into the Schuylkill River, now obstructed by a train bridge.

April, 2011

In the old town of Trogir near Split, Croatia

Note AR4

Mezquita Cordoba
June, 2003

A maze of arches in the great mosque of Cordoba (711). After the Reconquista a Roman Catholic cathedral was erected in its center (1500s) – it’s that large!

Note AR1

Open the Window
October, 2014

Cabin in the Rural Life Museum outside of Baton Rouge, LA, a plantation complex of historic buildings preserving 1800s life

Note AR3

Madrasa Bou Inania Fes
April, 2012

A peek into the prayer room at the old (1350s) Madrasa (school) Bou Inania in Fes, Morocco

Note AR2

Spinning Prayer Wheel, Bhutan
November, 2016

The monasteries in Bhutan have prayer wheels, sometimes in a separate building or built into the sides of the monastery. Locals walk the circuit of prayer wheels reciting Buddhist teachings and spin each prayer wheel as they chant. It’s a lovely practice even if you don’t know the teachings!

Note AR6

A Window in Marrakech
November, 2016

A random window in the market section of Marrakech. Back home on working up the image I saw a the possibility of a Fibonacci spiral – do you see it?

Note AR7

Before the Bathroom Sink
October, 2014

The Rural Life Museum outside of Baton Rouge. Southern slave quarters relocated into a village, showing how slaves lived. An eloquent testimony to humanity.

The Conversation
November, 2018

A view out the window in what seems to be living quarters at Hopewell Village, a colonial iron community near Saint Peters, PA. The positioning of the chairs suggests they once supported a conversation.

Deep Window Sill
September 2022

One of the windows in the deep stone walls of Gladstone’s Land is a 17th-century high-tenement house situated in the Old Town of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Note GI2.

Many Windows
September 2022

The old wavy glass in the windows caught my attention. One of the windows in the deep stone walls of Gladstone’s Land is a 17th-century high-tenement house situated in the Old Town of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Notes on Awards & Exhibitions

AR1. Mezquita Cordoba

  • Chester County Camera Club, First place, monochrome digital image, topic – Architecture, September 2011

AR2. Madrasa Bou Inania Fes

  • Chester County Camera Club, First place, color print, topic – Architecture, February 2015

AR3. Open the Window

  • Exhibited by invitation at The Brush with Burden Exhibition, LSU, AgCenter’s Botanic Garden at Burden, Baton Rouge, LA, Spring 2015
  • Member’s Show, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA November 2015
  • Accepted into the Spring 2018 Artists Equity 69th Anniversary Members’ Juried Exhibition at The John H. Baker Gallery E.O. Bull Center for the Arts West Chester University, West Chester, PA, for June, 2018.

AR4. Archway

  • Chester County Camera Club, Third place, color digital image, topic – Open, January 2014

AR5. Rampart Dubrovnik

  • Chester County Camera Club, First place, color print, topic – Open, February 2015

AR6. Spinning Prayer Wheel, Bhutan

  • Chester County Camera Club, Second Place, Open Color Print, February, 2017
  • Accepted into the Member’s Exhibit, Wayne Art Center, Wayne PA, Sept. 11 – Oct. 6, 2018

AR7. A Window in Marrakech

  • Chester County Camera Club, Honorable Mention, Assigned color digital image, May 2018.
  • Accepted into the Photography as Art exhibit, Penn State Great Valley, Malvern PA February –May, 2017