Wild animals don’t know how to pose, so catching them at the right moment is rewarding.

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Blue Bird and Holly Berries
January, 2014

We had this huge holly tree by our house. Every winter at some point the birds decide to go for the holly berries. In a couple days they’re all gone. It’s usually the robins who kick it off by showing up in a flock. Here’s a bluebird getting ready to eat, or its keeping the sleet out of its eyes.

Note AN1

Deer at Tumbling Waters
September, 2007

I stood up after having crouched down to photograph frogs and behind me stood this deer. It didn’t move as I slowly arranged my tripod and took this image.

Horses at Merlin Road Farm
August, 2015

I am fortunate to drive by this farm often. This day the horses were particularly playful.

Note AN2

Stork Supper
June, 2007

Second night in Turkey, at this second floor restaurant in Selcuk after touring the incredibly intact Roman ruins. Across the street was this very large stork’s nest on a telephone-pole like post. Mom and Dad would drop by to feed the kids. That’s a Roman ruin in the background.

Flamingos at Sunrise
January, 2018

Took a boat at sunrise near Celestun on the Yucatan Peninsula to see the pink flamingos – hundreds feeding in the shallow waters

Flamingos at Celestun
January, 2018

Same boat trip at sunrise near Celestun on the Yucatan Peninsula to see the pink flamingos – hundreds feeding in the shallow waters, here a trio

Let it Be
February, 2008

Bison grazing at the edge of the road. Photo taken from seeming safety of the car.

Looking Good
May, 2021

Photographing a herd of bison in Custer State Park in South Dakota, this fellow gave me a good look, still decked out in his winter finery

Note AN3

Attentive Grooming
June, 2008

Long-tailed macaques grooming each other in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud Bali, revered for its wild monkeys.

Cicada Brood X
August, 2021

Our yard was inundated with these critters beginning in June. I used the leaf blower to blow at least 60 dead cidadas off the deck and driveway each day. The orange and red markings are unique to this bood which won’t return for 17 years. The sound they make is a vocalization, not a rubbing of legs like crickets

Enough Already
October, 2021

Sea Lions at Pier 39, San Francisco. These behemoths quarreled for quite some time!

Pollinated Bee
March, 2021

Springtime at Jenkins Arboretum Busy bee making the rounds.

Wild Horse Cumberland Island
April, 2013

Day trip to Cumberland Island in Southern Georgia, rode fat tire bikes on the beach and encountered this chestnut horse

Goat Doin’ Jagger
June, 2007

Over lunch in a coastal village during a kayaking trip on the southern coast of Turkey a herd of goats ambled by. This one gave me his Mick Jagger look.

Monarch in Flowers
August, 2005

This monarch was sampling the flowers on our second floor porch

Praying Mantis and Prey
July, 2014

I was weeding one day and this praying mantis turned yellow when I happened upon it. I ran and got my camera from the house and took several pictures. I didn’t see its prey until I enlarged the picture!

Wake Surfer
April, 2013

Taken from a ferry off Cumberland Island GA

Snow Geese at Sunset
February, 2013

Middle Creek Wildlife Preserve is a place that attracts migrating snow geese.

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Notes on Awards and Exhibitions

AN1. Blue Bird and Holly Berries

  • Chester County Camera Club, 2nd place Depth of Field Color Print, January 2018

AN2. Horses at Merlin Road Farm

  • Chester County Camera Club, 2nd place Iconic Chester Co Color Print, September 2015

AN3. Looking Good

  • Chester County Camera Club, 1st place Open Monochrome Print, May 2021