The images in this catalogue are real things, but the image takes you beyond what is real to the imaginary, the surreal.

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Notes about Images in Gallery

Sea Grass on Sand
July, 2019

At low tide the sea grass settles on the beach sand off Vashon Island, Washington, like Japanese caligraphy

Kimmel Curves
April, 2017

The beloved Kimmel Center on Broad Street in Philadelphia – I have seen many performances in that venue, especially the Philadelphia orchestra in the Verizon Hall – I love the place! Especially its intriguing architecture! But as is often the case, it took a visit from a friend to get me there with my camera. This angle is hard to find, by the way.

The Dancer
June, 2019

Tulle in a dancer’s hands takes on a life of its own

Cruising a Turquoise Sea
May, 2015

It’s a turquoise sea and deep blue sky twisted into the hood ornament of a Nash Metropolitan.

Chester County Antique Car Club Show at the Kimberton Fairgrounds.

Self Portrait
January, 2019

Went downstairs to investigate a noise that woke me up at 3 AM. Wandered into this set of shadows. Got my camera and capture this image. Can’t say I understand it!

Note AS5

Car Curves
May, 2019

Friend’s 1935 Ford, on display at the Chester County Antique Car Club Show in Kimberton. Love the curves!

Note AS6

Light Curtain
March, 2007

Morning Light through a Multicolored Glass Vase on a Window Sill

 Ice Melt Reflections
March, 2015

Shallow pond created by snow and ice melt reflecting trees

Note AS3

Dune Curve Morocco
April, 2012

Sunset on the dunes near Merzouga. We spent two nights there – magical!

Note AS4

Beach Grass Bird
August, 2009

Walk along the beach at Barnegat Light NJ.
Sometimes nature can be exquisite!

Yellowstone Colors
June, 2010

Mineral deposits around Prismatic Pond in Yellowstone National Park.
Note AS1

On the Move
August, 2006

Heavy fog one morning in Barnegat Light coated everything with water droplets, including the table on our porch.

Note AS2.

Crazy Meets Calm
October, 2023

Calm waters above the dam at the Lock Tender’s House on the Schuylkill River disrupted by a breeze
Note AS7.

The Mirage
April, 2012

Follow your path, find your path – those work also. The image originated in the Moroccan desert.

Notes on Awards and Exhibitions

AS1. Yellowstone Colors.

  • Chester County Camera Club, First place, color digital image, topic – Patterns in Nature, Mar. 2012
  • Third Place, People’s Choice, Chester County Camera Club, June 2012
  • Accepted into the Americana Exhibit Pennsylvania Center for Photography, Doylestown, PA
    January 2016

AS2. On the Move

  • Chester County Camera Club, Third place, monochrome digital image, topic – Shallow Depth of Field, May 2010

AS3. Ice Melt Reflections

AS4. Dune Curve

  • Accepted into the Photography as Art exhibit, Penn State Great Valley, Malvern PA February –May, 2017
  • Accepted into the Open Orange Art Exhibit, at the Community Gallery at Valley Arts, Orange, NJ May 11 – June 10, 2017

AS5. Self Portrait

  • Chester County Camera Club, First Place, Open Monochrome Print, April, 2019

AS6. Car Curves

  • Chester County Camera Club, First Place, Open Monochrome Print, September, 2019

AS7. Crazy Meets Calm

  • Chester County Camera Club, Second Place, Open Monochrome Print, October, 2023