It took a while to find a URL and logo that would be easy to remember and would be a great comment on what James Samanen Photography is about – enduring images.
Over 30,000 year ago someone placed a hand on a cave wall. Pigment was blown over it and the negative image of a hand was created, as found in the Lascaux caves.

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Others blew images of their hands on cave walls, perhaps to autograph their work of the animal images they’d created. These images have lasted for thousands of years!

My goal is to provide you with enduring photographic images that encompass incredible beauty, unexpected everyday realities, and unique moments. As these images draw you back again & again, you develop an enduring relationship with them.

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You’ll see that the images on this website bear our logo. This is to remind the viewer that the image is copyrighted by James Samanen.

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