My father loved the mechanics of photography. From him I learned about film speed, shutter speed, aperture and depth of field. What I didn’t get from my father was a love of photography. Too many posed family photos led me to think I would never be serious about photography.

But then I moved to California in the ’70s. The natural beauty of the West drew it out of me. Seeing the work of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston I could appreciate the value of capturing the beauty in nature that I was experiencing. I became serious about single lens reflex film photography, capturing images all throughout the West.

I moved back East in the late ’80s to focus on family and work. I became fascinated by the potential of digital photography with its instant feedback and ability to work up photos outside a dark room. I found myself using my film based camera far less frequently. I even attempted serious photography with my pocket digital camera on trips to Europe.

It was on an adventure filled trip in Alaska that I encountered a fellow photographer with a digital SLR. It clearly was the best of both worlds! I got my Nikon D200 in 2007 and have been way into DSLR ever since.



Jim admiring the view at Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park.


Jim at Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park waiting for the eagle to move.

Much of my photography arises from travels with my wife. We love to travel. I accept that our commitment to such adventure is unusual and out of scope for many. I hope that the images captured from our travels provide a window into the world, your world, our world of wondrous places, wonderful people. As Trebbe Johnson wrote “The World is a Waiting Lover.”

I am grateful to the Chester County Camera Club for nurturing my development. I have been a member since November, 2009.

I have retired from the Pharmaceutical Industry and consulted for several years after that. I also teach Pilates in West Reading, Chester Springs, and Collegeville PA.

Photos of Jim courtesy of Ken Stewart Photography – check out his gallery, there’s some great stuff there!