Gardens can provide special moments that take your mind somewhere else. If I’m lucky I’ll have my camera in hand to capture the moment.

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Three Worlds
August, 2014

The koi make this scene almost surreal.

Old Palace Garden Marrakech
April, 2012

A relaxing garden in the old palace of Marrakech, Morroco

Mendham Garden
May, 2006

A wonderful garden thrives behind deer fence.

Blazing Lotus Blossom
August, 2014

A lotus blossom in full bloom is a wonder of nature!

Curious Koi
August, 2014
Note GI 1

You never know about Koi. If only they could speak. I love to get our world reflected onto their world.

On You Go
October, 2022

Milkweed Pod releasing its children on a windy fall day, Valley Forge PA

August, 2018

The bounty of the garden! There is this window in our house that has great light for photographing floral arrangements. Set it there, take the photo, ding, it’s done. Sunflowers from the local Farmer’s Market create this colorful display.

Lost in Lavender
July, 2019

Our first day on San Juan Island as we explore the island we stop at this enormous lavender field. The fragrance was overwhelming

Notes on Awards & Exhibitions

GI1. Curious Koi

  • Chester County Camera Club, Third Place, assigned color print, November, 2015

GI2. Deep Window Sill.

  • 2nd Place Open Color Print, November 2022