I love the spontaneity of people unposed – at work or having fun, or just simply being in their community.

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Hand Flames
June, 2008

Balinese dancers take on the spirit of their Hindu gods in such poses.

Fresh Gozleme
June, 2007

Stopping for lunch in a small town in Turkey, this lady was making fresh gozleme, kind of like a stuffed pita – delicious! At the time I was thinking street photo, later I thought Rembrandt might like this.

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Detroit Bass Day
August, 2015

So once a year the bass players in the Detroit area get together for a fun day of jamming. They start them young in Detroit.

Walking the Camels
April, 2012

Moroccan Desert – we rode camels back into the dunes and spent the night in a tent cabin. On returning the next day we encountered this guy taking the camels out for a walk.

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Gulls and Girl Amelie Island
April, 2013

Same trip to Southern Georgia but visiting Amelie Island. This girl was riding into the gulls for her father’s photo. I think I got a better angle.

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Seaweed Farmer in Bali
June, 2008

Nusa Lembongan again, the locals harvest seaweed for Japanese consumption.

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April, 2019

Amanda Hill, Brandywine Ballet

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Reaching for the Heavens
June, 2019

Jaime Lennon Louis in the Brandywine Ballet

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Campfire at Lake Crescent
July, 2019

Sunset at Lake Crescent Lodge, complete with family around the campfire – what more could ask for?

Food for Monks Mai Hong Son

Foggy morning in Mai Hong Son, Thailand. Young monks walk in line through the streets as women step forward from their houses to fill their bowls.

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Spinning Tops
June, 2008

The Balinese take spinning tops seriously. These are big tops. Bets are placed on the best top. I’d give this guy extra points for style! Oh, the onlookers are ducking from the whiplash of his rope.

The Old Man and Kasbah
April, 2012

The Dades Valley is the land of a thousand kasbahs (old adobe fortresses), such as this one. This old guy walked into the scene from his field carrying his pick-axe and Koran – how classic is that?

Upstretch on the Reformer
May, 2016

My Pilates Teacher, Lisa Priebe, doing a piece in the Fletcher Pilates repertoire called Upstretch, captured at the apex of movement. She is teaching but I’d say she is also having fun.

Taking a Break in Bhaktapur
November, 2016

Touring the streets of Bhaktapur, a suburb of Khatmandu, we encounter these people resting their feet. Life seems hard in Bhaktapur but the people carry on.

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Body to Body in Thamel Khatmandu
November, 2016

Our guide is taking us through the Thamel market place in Khatmandu. It’s body-to-body in some places. My biggest fear was stopping to take a picture as my wife and our guide disappeared into the crowd!

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Monks at Monastery, Bhutan
November, 2016

Monks at the Gangtey Goembe Monestary in Bhutan, on the day of the Black Necked Crane Festival.

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Watching Passersby in Bhaktapur
November, 2016

Saw this monk (?) hanging out the window of the Genuine Thanka Painting School in Bhaktapur. Had to do a close-up!

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Youthful Exuberance
November, 2016

School kids at play before classes in Bhutan. Such joy! Like all school boys in Bhutan these boys are wearing the Gho.

Note PWP10

November, 2016

We had to cross this rather unstable bridge to get to the Punakha Valley in Bhutan. Those were colorful prayer flags when they were mounted on the bridge until they were bleached out by the sun. Our guide Kun seems to be having second thoughts about crossing the bridge.

Note PWP11

By now you have noticed that my wife and I took a pretty remarkable trip to Nepal and Bhutan in November 2016. There are also a couple images from that trip in Landscapes & Seascapes as well as in Architecture. Enjoy!

There are also a number of images relating to Action, which tend to involve people mostly at play, but I wouldn’t rule out people at work.

Overnight Camel Trek
April, 2012

What would normally be a caravan, just my wife and I were walked on camels into the Moroccan desert near sunset by our guide to for an overnight stay.

Child’s Play
November, 2016

School kids in Bhutan at play before classes begin. The children are playing in traditional Bhutanese clothes – the girls playing tug of war wear the Kira and the carousing boys in the background are wearing the Gho. All men and women are expected to wear traditional clothes at festivals and in public places such as school or governmental facilities.

Monks Entering Court Yard
November, 2016
At Trongsa Dzong, the oldest monastery in Bhutan at dusk, young monks arrive from their dormitories to dance with the master.

Trail to Vogelsang Crossing Stream
July, 2013

Hiking the trail from Merced Lake to Vogelsang in Yosemite, we come to a stream crossing. My brother-in-law decides to go for it.

November, 2016

We visit a public school in the Ura Valley of Bhutan during recess. Here is Linda sharing photos off her cell phone with eager school kids.

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This Way and That
June, 2019

Composite of two single images of a dancer with the Brandywine Ballet, in a workshop.

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Notes on Awards & Exhibitions

PWP1. Walking the Camels

  • Second Place, Monochrome, Photographic Society of America, Councils’ National Competition Challenge, 2015
  • Accepted into the Chester County Camera Club exhibit “My Point of View” at the Henry Gallery of Penn State Great Valley, on display from January 3 through March 20, 2019.

PWP2. Gulls and Girl Amelie Island

  • Chester County Camera Club, First place, monochrome print , topic – open, Apr. 2013
  • Invited into In Motion Exhibition at 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, July 2014

PWP3. Seaweed Farmer in Bali

  • Chester County Camera Club, Second place, color print, topic – People at Work, May 2015

PWP4. Food for Monks Mai Hong Son

  • Chester County Camera Club, First Place, Street Scenes Color Print, Oct. 2015

PWP5. Fresh Gozleme

  • Chester County Camera Club First Place, People at Work, Mono Print, May 2015

  • Delaware Valley Council of Camera Clubs, Spring Competition, Second Place, Small Mono Print, May 2016

PWP6. Taking a Break in Bhaktapur

  • Chester County Camera Club Third Place, Street Photography, Color Digital, January 2017

PWP7. Body to Body in Thamel Khatmandu

  • Chester County Camera Club, Second Place, Street Photography, Color Print, January 2017

PWP8. Monks at Monastery, Bhutan

  • Chester Country Camera Club, First Place, Open Color Print, April 2017

PWP9. Watching Passersby in Bhaktapur

  • Chester County Camera Club Honorable Mention, Open Color Digital, April 2017

PWP10. Youthful Exuberance

  • Accepted into the Artists Equity Fall 2018 Juried Members Exhibit “Connections”, at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts, Cheltenham PA, from September – October, 2018.

PWP11. Uncertainty

  • Chester County Camera Club Second Place, Open Color Print, October 2017

PWP12. Graceful

  • Chester County Camera Club First Place, Assigned Color Print, May 2019.
  • Third Place, Photo of the Year, Chester Country Camera Club, June 2019.

PWP13. Reaching for the Heavens

  • Images selected by the Brandywine Ballet to advertize their 40th Season. So pleased that they selected the image from so many great images from our club!

PWP14. Sharing

  • Chester County Camera Club, Honorable Mention, Assigned Color Digital, September 2020.

PWP15. This Way and That

  • Chester County Camera Club, Second Place Open Color Print, March 2023