I love places where nature has been left unexploited for a long time.
The impact of weather fascinates me. Many of my landscapes share these features.

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April, 2012

Had been on an overnight camel trek into the Moroccan desert. Saw this herd of camels heading over the horizon. Out there its just you, the sand and the sun. Oh, and the wind.


The Sky Below
October, 2020

Autumn Leaves on Duck Brook, Acadia.

Note NW4

Around the Bend
October, 2017

Foggy morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Annoyed at first by the fog, I realized it could be the subject.

Robins and Holly Berries
January, 2016

We have this huge holly tree by our house. Every winter at some point the birds decide to go for the holly berries. In a couple days they’re all gone. It’s usually the robins who kick it off by showing up in a flock. This time they arrived in a blizzard. The local birds decided to join in as well, see Bluebird and Holly Berries in Animals.

Note NW2

Breaker In Hurricane
September, 2010, completed 2019

Hurricane Earl grazed Barnegat Light the night before into the next day.  Even at dusk Earl was still kicking up a strong wind, fighting the breakers as they crashed!

Note NW3

At the Foot of a Giant
July, 2019

Capturing the enormity of old growth trees is a challenge. This is a view of the trunk of very large tree in a grove of old growth trees along the Lover’s Lane trail to Sol Duc Falls on the Olympic Penninsula.

March, 2009

Grand-daddy redwood in Andrew Molera State Park, California. I lived nearby for 10 years. Love this tree!

Cactus Blossoms
May, 2011

On a walk in Ventana Canyon, north of Tucson. Notice the pollen coating the petals on the lower left blossom

Note NW1

At Hurricane’s Edge
September, 2010

Hurricane Earl grazed Barnegat Light the night before into the next day. At dusk the sun came out even with Earl still kicking up a strong wind. These girls stayed huddled in their walk, it was that scary!

Snow at Jug Hollow
February, 2014

I’m being sentimental here. I love our barn and the farm is lovely in the winter. Really an attempt to capture snow flakes.

Tree at Binky Lee
January, 2013

A Natural Lands Trust property. I love the way this tree and the dead grass show you how the wind blows.

Barn in Snow
January, 2011

Another view of our barn at Jug Hollow in snow.

Notes on Awards & Exhibitions

NW1. Cactus Blossoms

  • Chester County Camera Club, First place, open color print, February 2013

NW2. Robins and Holly Berries

  • Chester County Camera Club, 1st place, Weather Color Print, May 2016

NW3. Breaker in Hurricane

  • Accepted into the was accepted into the Wayne Art Center Exhibition of Black & White Photography, “Being There”, for April 2019.
  • Accepted into the Artists’ Equity Fall Show, “Unstoppable”, November 2020.

NW4. The Sky Below

  • Chester County Camera Club, Honorable Mention, Open Color Digital, January 2021

NW5. Beyond

  • Chester County Camera Club, Third Place, Assigned Color Print, September 2022