Modern digital photography allows for images that are hard to display as the conventional framed photo.

Panoramas require the camera to move to capture a larger space than the lens can capture without motion. These need to be displayed in a very large format.

Composites are digital splicings of several photos aligning the common elements to create larger images than would be feasible in one photo. These also tend to need a large display.

Triptychs are a display of three individual photos give a larger sense of space, or that allow for a story to unfold – the twirling motion of a dancing monk, for example.

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I am intrigued with these possibilities. You are likely to see this gallery evolve.


Manhattan from Maplewood
November, 2015

There’s a lot of real estate over there! Do you know there is a geologic reason why skyscrapers aren’t found between Midtown and Downtown Manhattan?
Panoramic image from a balcony in Maplewood NJ.




Sheep Riding at Big Timber
June, 2010

Sheep Riding (also called Mutton Busting) at a Rodeo in Big Timber, Montana. They start them early in Montana!
Composite of multiple images of sheep rider stitched together.
Note PCT1



The following Triptychs are available as sets of three prints, or as single images.


The Master, A Triptych
November, 2016

At Trongsa Dzong, the oldest monastery in Bhutan at dusk, we heard a bell calling up a staircase. Inquiring we came to a courtyard where the master began to dance. Soon the novitiates began to dance as well – a riot of swirling robes!
Note PCT2

You may either order the images separately or all three to make a triptych!
A suggested way to arrange the images.



Barrel Riding in Montana
June, 2009

Big Timber Rodeo, again, this time barrel riding.

Below is a suggested arrangement of the three images.


Eagle Lake Shallows
September, 2015

Three photos of the shallows of Eagle Lake, Acadia National Park, Main.

Below is a suggested arrangement of the three images.


Oaxacan Palms
January, 2018

Palms at the Ethnobotanical Garden in Oaxaca

Below is a suggested arrangement of the three images.


Notes on Awards & Exhibitions

PCT1. Sheep Riding at Big Timber

  • Image accepted into the Americana Exhibit of the Pennsylvania Academy for Photography, March, 2018

PCT2. The Master, A Triptych

  • This triptych received second place in the Chester County Camera Club competition on triptychs, as a color print, March 2019.